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Rotaractors from RI District 3240 Shine at Rotasia Bengaluru 2024 Silver Jubilee Edition

RI District 3240

Nine distinguished delegates from RI District 3240 showcased the essence of Rotary's spirit at the Silver Jubilee Edition of Rotasia Bengaluru 2024. This milestone event not only witnessed their active participation but also celebrated their fervent representation of the district's theme and rich cultural diversity.

The delegates, representing District 3240, immersed themselves wholeheartedly in the festivities and engagements of Rotasia Bengaluru 2024. They engaged in various activities, including District Representation and Cultural Representation, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to Rotary's values and ideals.

Throughout the event, the delegates seized the golden opportunity to promote District 3240's theme and highlight the cultural tapestry that enriches the district. Their dedication to showcasing the district's unique identity and fostering connections with fellow Rotaractors from across the globe exemplifies Rotary's ethos of service and fellowship.

Their active participation not only elevated the presence of District 3240 but also contributed to the vibrant tapestry of Rotasia Bengaluru 2024. As ambassadors of goodwill, they exemplified the spirit of Rotary, fostering camaraderie and collaboration among delegates from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Their presence and engagement at the Silver Jubilee Edition of Rotasia underscore the collective commitment of Rotarians from District 3240 to making a meaningful impact locally and globally. Through their active involvement and promotion of the district's values and cultural diversity, they have left an indelible mark on this momentous event and inspired others to continue striving for excellence in service and fellowship.

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