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Rtn Rtr Parna Deb Roy Takes on Responsibilities as District Rotaract Representative for 2023-24

Guwahati, Assam - July 9, 2023: The 34th Rotaract District Installation Ceremony of RI District 3240, named "Sthapna," was held at a private star hotel in Sixmile, Guwahati, Assam. This momentous event witnessed the official oath-taking ceremony of Rtn Rtr Parna Deb Roy as the District Rotaract Representative, solidifying her leadership role within the organization.

In a historic milestone for RI District 3240, the event also hosted two SEARIC MDIO (South East Asia, Rotaract Information Center Multi-District Information Organization) events: Turf Awards and Prarambh, the 10th Presidential Installation. This was the first time in the past 34 years that RI District 3240 had the privilege of hosting these events, adding to the grandeur of the occasion.

The success of "Sthapna" was evident as it drew the participation of over 150 Rotaract and Rotary leaders from different parts of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The event served as a remarkable launch for DRR Rtn Parna Deb Roy and her council, leaving a lasting impression on the South East Asian region through the exceptional execution of these events.

The installation of PDRR Rtn Abhishek Goyal as the President of SEARIC MDIO for the term 2023-24 was the highlight of the evening. This momentous occasion took place in the esteemed presence of RI Director Anirudha Roy Chowdhury and District Governor Nilesh Kumar Agarwal. The ceremony marked a significant step forward in the leadership and development of the SEARIC MDIO.

DRR Rtn Parna Deb Roy and her council have set a new standard for hosting events of this magnitude through their collective efforts and meticulous planning. This accomplishment reflects the dedication and commitment of Rotaract and Rotary members in the region, further reinforcing the impact of Rotary International in fostering positive change and promoting goodwill among communities.

With her new responsibilities as the District Rotaract Representative for 2023-24, Rtn Rtr Parna Deb Roy is poised to lead and inspire Rotaract members across nine states. Her appointment signifies a new era of leadership and growth within the organization as she takes on this vital role.

The 34th Rotaract District Installation Ceremony, "Sthapna," will be remembered as a significant milestone, showcasing the dedication and achievements of Rotaract and Rotary in the South East Asian region. The event's success highlights the collective effort of all involved, emphasizing the positive impact Rotary International continues to make in transforming communities and fostering goodwill.

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